Kalispell, Montana

Named by Mountain Sports and Living magazine as the Best Mountain Town in America, Kalispell is located in the middle of the Flathead Valley and is the main business hub and county seat. The majority of the populations lives and works in or around Kalispell. Kalispell is the 7th largest city in the State of Montana with a population of 16,391 and growing. Kalispell has much to offer to either a visitor or year round resident. As with most Montana cities, the activity knows no season. There is always something going on. Kalispell has over 20 parks, many surrounding historic structures, including Depot Park, Courthouse Park and the Conrad Mansion grounds. The largest is Woodland Park located toward the east side of town. In the summer enjoy the brand new recreation facility including water slides, multiple pools and even a skateboard park. It is definitely a great way to spend a hot afternoon. During the winter the ponds that encircle the park freeze over and are a great place to bring the ice skates for an afternoon in the winter wonderland. Throughout the summer season there are many art festivals at the numerous parks as well as outdoor concerts featuring local talents. Just north of Kalispell is the Majestic Valley arena, a major location for entertainment in the Flathead Valley. It sits on over 140 acres with beautiful views in all directions and is the newest and largest premier even centers in Northwest Montana. It has been host to concerts, large banquets, trade shows, expos, rodeos, and national caliber equestrian events. Check the schedule, there is always something going on that is worth seeing. Also north of Kalispell is Raceway Park, bringing short track racing to the valley. They feature races every Saturday evening through September in seven classes - Super Late Models, Limited Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Bombers, Compacts, Flathead Legends, and Formula 1 Indys. With the cars engines revving, the crowd cheering, and of course the action that unfolds, there is never a lack of entertainment to hold your attention! For a quieter venue, spend a day strolling downtown and the many stores lining Main Street, catch a movie at the new Gateway Theater or the historic Strand or Liberty, or shop at the Kalispell Center Mall. There are also a number of golf courses in and around the city to occupy an afternoon.

Kalispell is also the location for Kalispell Regional Medical Center, a leader in health care and technology, and one of the finest health care facilities between Minneapolis and Seattle, Calgary and Salt Lake City. Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) employs over 1,300 employees and more than 150 doctors. They offer a 100 bed hospital, a long term care facility, chemical treatment center, cancer center and home health. KRMC was rated by US News and World Report as one of the Top 100 hospitals in America. They have partnered with the International Heart Institute of Missoula and have expanded its capabilities to perform cardiac surgery. They just completed a multi million dollar expansion project that brought the newest and latest technology. They have on hand a rotor helicopter for emergency response, that was the nations first rural air ambulance. They recently added new fixed wing plane that aids in transfers to and from other hospitals.

Just north of Kalispell is Glacier International Airport. There are daily scheduled flights provided by Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Horizon Air, Big Sky Airlines, and SkyXpress. There are twelve flights a day including jet service to major hubs in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis. There is also a private jet center located at the airport. They offer a fleet of aircraft and experiences personnel.

Kalispell has become a bustling little city full of things to occupy your time.


In the winter of 1882, two pioneers, Tyson Duncan and Edgar Brook, met in Boulder Valley, Montana. They decided to join together and search for land and began a treck towards the Bitterroot. Along the way they encountered an Indian agent at the reservation near Missoula who told them there was no more good land to get in the Bitterroot and that they should head towards to Flathead, to the "Head of the Lake". They began their journey along the west shore of Flathead Lake. Once reaching Elmo they found a little store and a few cabins occupied by Indians. Further up the lake they came to the Point of Rocks, which was the McGovern ranch located where Somers is now. On April 16th they first encountered the Flathead Valley. They were told that in 1878 seven stockmen had come to the valley and taken the meadowland along the head of the lake and had 1,500 head of cattle. There were already residents a few miles east of Somers. A man named John Dooley had opened a store on the bank of the river and had the first post office with mail brought in from Missoula once a week. Tyson Duncan built his homestead on what is now Kalispell north in 1883 and Brook built his three miles to the south.

As more and more settlers began to find their way to the Flathead Valley it was decided that district officials, law enforcement were needed. In November of 1884 the first election was held, all 74 residents of what is now Flathead County voted. This was also the same year for the first 4th of July celebration. The Foys family who had settled on Foys Lake hosted a community dinner, games, boating and dancing.

The next big boom in the history of Flathead Valley was with the gold stampede. Gold dust was found on Wolf Creek and about 50 claims were staked out. There isn't a record of much gold being mined but it did bring more people to the valley. The original township, Demmersville in honor of Jack Demmers, was founded in 1887 just southeast of present day Kalispell along the Flathead River on 80 acres. He started a business in a tent and then built a log store in 1887. He soon subdivided his acreage and the town site was started. By 1890 Demersville had a town hall, the Cliff House, a post office, newspaper, real estate investment, a law office, livery stables, a doctor's office, several saloons, the 25th Infantry Regiment of the US Army, and the largest general merchandising establishment, the Missoula Mercantile Co., which replaced the Demers Store after Jack Demers passed away in 1889.

Present day Kalispell was developed on the site that Charles Conrad knew the railroad would establish the main line junction and founded in 1891. They plotted the town and quickly sold the lots. People came in by the hundreds. By the summer of 1891 there were 23 saloons, half dozen gambling joints, two Chinese restaurants, two Chinese laundries and four general stores. The town of Kalispell was built around the railroad and it nurtured the town's economic growth. Conrad opened the Kalispell Townsite Company, established a bank and began building his 26 room mansion on the east side of Kalispell that still stands today. In December of 1891 railroad graders and track layers reached the center of Main Street and on New Years Day of 1892, the first locomotive officially arrived. There was a huge celebration and a silver spike was driven into the center tie. Citizens had contributed silver coins that were melted into the spike. The railroad brought in businessmen, tourists and pioneers and Kalispell began to emerge as an industrial center for sawmills, flour mills, and merchants and farmers rooted themselves in the area. Kalispell quickly became known as a trade center for Northwest Montana.

Kalispell Info

Population - 16,391
Elevation - 2959 feet
Summer Ave Temp - 78F
Winter Ave Temp - 36F
Average Annual Rainfall - 16.51 inches
Average Snowfall - 55.20 inches


Flathead Valley COmmunity College - (406) 756-3822
Flathead High School (Grades 10-12) - (406) 756-5075
Flathead Valley Christian School (Grades K-12) - (406) 752-4400
Kalispell Jr High (Grades 8,9) - (406) 756-5030
Evergreen 7-8 (Grades 7,8) - (406) 752-1347
Valley Adverntist Chrisitan (Grades K-9) - (406) 752-0830
Trinity Lutheran School (Grades PreK-8) - (406) 257-6716
Linderman Jr High Annex (Grade 7) - (406) 756-5024
West Valley Middle School (Grades 6-8) - (406) 755-7239
Evergreen 5-6 School (Grades 5,6) - (406) 752-1189
Cayuse Prairie School (Grades 3-8) - (406) 756-4560
Fair Mont Egan School (Grades K-8) - (406) 755-7072
Helena Flats School (Grades K-8) - (406) 257-2301
Creston School (Grades K-6) - (406) 755-2859
Cornelius Hedges School (Grades K-6) - (406) 756-5048
Edgerton School (Grades K-6) - (406) 756-5059
Elrod School (Grades K-6) - (406) 756-5043
Lilian Peterson School (Grades K-6) - (406) 756-5067
Russell School (Grades K-6) - (406) 756-5052
Smith Valley Primary School (Grades K-8) - (406) 756-4536
West Valley School (Grades K-5) - (406) 755-7239
East Evergreen School (Grades K-4) - (406) 752-0101
Mountain Brook School (Grades K-2) - (406) 755-2962
Kalispell Montesorri (Grades 1-6) - (406) 755-3824
St Matthews School (Grades PreK-7) - (406) 752-6303

Medical Care

Kalispell Regional Medical Cetner - (406) 752-5111
Kalispell Ambulance - 911
Walk In Urgent Care - (406) 752-8122

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